Japanese chef's knives

We are proud to present  an independent importer and seller of custom Japanese chef's knives, Evo steel. Founded in 2020 during the Covid lock down Nathan decided a change was needed in his life so he could be there more for his family and follow his passion for cooking whilst using his Japanese knives. An idea struck that he should share the wonders of a Japanese knife, with it's amazing edge retention, beauty and incredible sharp edge. Nathan as well as having his own website www.evosteel.co.uk stocks his knives in our beautiful little shop in Framlingham Suffolk.

He is also in the process of having his own knife line made by a Master forge smith in Japan, Nao Yamamoto. Nao san is an award winning knife forger making some of the most exquisite ultra sharp knives available on the market today of whom has agreed to make Nathan's designs for Evosteel. Named KENSHIN, These knives will be high end, made from the very best Japanese steel and finally completed with handles using the most beautiful of woods made by Nathan.

Evo steel stock a range of knives made by various makers. For example-

Nao Yamamoto

Takeshi Saji

Yu Kurosaki

Tsukasa Hinoura

Mr. Itou

Itsou Doi

Sakai Takayuki



and much more!!

Evosteel also make Bespoke personalised chopping boards and magnetic wall hung knife boards. Just drop him a line and he will be more than happy to help you through your design.

jap resin knife.jpg

Yu Kurosaki

Heading 1

Takeshi Saji


Itsou Doi- Sakai Takayuki


Takeshi Saji- Steak knife